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Water is a vital resource that sustains life on our planet. From drinking water to industrial processes, the quality and cleanliness of water play a crucial role in various aspects of our daily lives. To ensure the safety and purity of water, effective water treatment solutions are needed. Spartan Wax, a renowned brand in the field of chemical solutions, offers a range of high-quality products designed to unlock the power of water treatment.

One of the key challenges in water treatment is the removal of impurities and contaminants. Spartan Wax addresses this challenge with their range of water treatment chemicals. These chemicals are formulated to target specific impurities and provide effective solutions for various water treatment applications.Some of these chemicals includes:

Ferric Chloride:

One of the flagship products offered by Spartan Wax is Ferric Chloride. Available in liquid, anhydrous, and hexahydrate forms, Ferric Chloride is widely used as a coagulant in water treatment processes. It effectively removes suspended particles and turbidity, making the water clearer and safer for consumption. Additionally, Ferric Chloride helps in the removal of heavy metals and phosphates, which are common pollutants in industrial wastewater.

Aluminium Sulphate:

Another essential product offered by Spartan Wax is Aluminium Sulphate. With variants in powder and lumps, Aluminium Sulphate is a versatile coagulant that aids in the removal of impurities like suspended solids, colorants, and organic matter. It is commonly used in municipal water treatment plants, paper mills, and textile industries. The use of Aluminium Sulphate ensures improved water clarity and reduces the risk of waterborne diseases.

PAC Powder:

Spartan Wax’s PAC powder is a high-quality water treatment chemical renowned for its exceptional coagulation and flocculation properties. It effectively removes suspended particles, colloidal matter, and organic compounds from water, making it suitable for both industrial and municipal water treatment processes. The PAC powder’s excellent sedimentation properties enable the formation of compact flocs, facilitating efficient filtration and separation.

PAC Liquid 10% / 17%:

Spartan Wax’s PAC liquid solutions, available in 10% and 17% concentrations, offer a convenient and ready-to-use option for water treatment applications. The liquid form allows for easy dosing and mixing, ensuring precise control over the treatment process. The PAC liquid effectively destabilizes and aggregates impurities in water, leading to improved sedimentation and filtration outcomes.


Coagulants play a vital role in water treatment processes. They are chemicals that promote the aggregation of suspended particles, making them easier to remove from water. Spartan Wax offers various coagulants such as Ferric Chloride and Aluminum Sulphate, which effectively destabilize and clump together impurities, allowing for their efficient removal through sedimentation and filtration.

Reverse Emulsion Breaker:

In certain industrial processes, the formation of reverse emulsions can be a challenge. These emulsions occur when oil or organic compounds become dispersed in water, forming stable emulsions that are difficult to separate. Spartan Wax addresses this issue with their Reverse Emulsion Breaker. This specialized chemical solution is designed to destabilize and break down reverse emulsions, allowing for the easy separation of oil and water phases. The Reverse Emulsion Breaker helps industries such as oil and gas, metalworking, and manufacturing achieve efficient water treatment and waste management.

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