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“From Drilling to Mining: Spartan Wax’s Chemicals for Oil-Water Operations”

In the realm of oil-water drilling and mining operations, the efficient extraction and separation of oil and water is crucial. Spartan Wax, a trusted brand in the industry, offers a comprehensive range of chemicals designed to optimize these operations. From Bentonite API and Industrial Salt to Calcium Chloride Powder and Drilling Detergent, Spartan Wax’s high-quality products enhance the performance and productivity of oil-water operations.

Bentonite API / OCMA:

Bentonite API (American Petroleum Institute) and OCMA (Oil Companies’ Materials Association) are key components in oil-water drilling and mining processes. Bentonite, a clay mineral, is used as a viscosifier, providing stability and enhancing the suspension of cuttings during drilling. Spartan Wax’s Bentonite API/OCMA guarantees superior rheological properties and aids in the efficient removal of drilling cuttings.

Industrial Salt / Refined Salt:

Industrial Salt and Refined Salt play a vital role in oil-water drilling and mining operations. They are utilized for various purposes, such as controlling fluid density, preventing corrosion, and promoting the formation of drilling fluids. Spartan Wax offers top-grade salts that meet industry standards, ensuring optimal performance and safety.

Calcium Chloride Powder / Prills 94-97%:

Calcium Chloride Powder/Prills are widely used in oil-water drilling and mining due to their ability to control and stabilize drilling fluids. Spartan Wax’s high-quality Calcium Chloride products, with a concentration of 94-97%, effectively prevent clay swelling and enhance the overall efficiency of the drilling process.

Benzalkonium Chloride 50% / 80%:

Benzalkonium Chloride is an essential chemical for oil-water operations as it acts as a biocide and inhibits the growth of microorganisms in drilling fluids and water-based systems. Spartan Wax offers Benzalkonium Chloride in concentrations of 50% and 80%, ensuring effective control of microbial activity and preserving the integrity of drilling fluids.

Hydrated Lime 90% / 92%:

Hydrated Lime is utilized in oil-water drilling and mining operations for pH adjustment, fluid stabilization, and drilling mud conditioning. Spartan Wax’s high-quality Hydrated Lime, with concentrations of 90% and 92%, guarantees optimal performance, enhancing drilling efficiency and preventing potential operational challenges.

Drilling Detergent / Drilling Starch:

Spartan Wax’s range of Drilling Detergents and Drilling Starch products provides excellent fluid-loss control and rheology modification properties in oil-water drilling and mining operations. These chemicals enhance drilling fluid stability, minimize formation damage, and improve wellbore integrity.

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